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Did you receive a letter?

If you own a Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional building in Simcoe County, chances are you have received a letter stating that you need to have your backflow prevention devices inspected and tested annually.

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What is a Backflow Device?

  • Backflow devices allow water to flow one way
  • Backflow devices are an important tool for ensuring safe drinking water for the entire community
  • These devices have moving parts and can become faulty over time or jammed with debris
  • Regularly testing, cleaning, repairing, and replacing devices ensures that they work correctly when needed

Backflow tests to date

What to Expect

1. Risks Survey

You will be required to conduct a survey of your building for potential back flow and cross connection risks. We have a team of fully certified backflow testing specialists who will conduct this survey and report to both you and your Municipality. Our technician will indicate “degree of hazard” of each potential area of concern.

2. Strategy Session

From there, we will work with you to correct any problem areas that were discovered during the survey and spell out the appropriate device or equipment required to fix the areas of concern.

3. Device Testing

After each backlow preventer device is installed, you will need to have each device tested, provide proper identification tags and submit all reports to the Municipality. Because there are moving parts inside backflow prevention devices, they can sometimes fail over time as they become worn out, or debris may become lodged inside, preventing proper functioning. Our technicians are trained on how to repair the devices. After a repair, the device is re-tested for proper function.

4. Management

As your full service provider we document all your devices and notify you of your next required test date, so you never find yourself in a position where you are caught off guard with your Municipality. You can consider us your own personal backflow and cross connection management team.

Our Promises

You can count on us to…
  • Handle all communications with your municipality and work with them on your behalf to arrange permits and special considerations
  • Notify clients of changes to bylaws that may affect them
  • Remind you when tests and surveys are due and arrange testing at a convenient time for you and your company
  • Store your test reports, surveys, and permit documents for 5 years – both paper copy and electronic with backup
  • Be available to offer on-site consultations or quotes at no charge
  • Offer great multi year, multi device package savings
  • Utilize up to date and calibrated test devices
  • Be a certified and dedicated team for backflow & cross connection prevention
  • Provide our staff with continual safety and skills training so that they are professional and knowledgeable both on site and in office
  • Have all staff WSIB and Liability insured with licensed plumbers and apprentices on staff

Division 15 performed the inspection and filed the paperwork with the City in a timely and efficient manner. We continue to use their services every year.

Laurie C.

We called Division 15 and they helped explain their services, booked an appointment for us, a tech came to do the test and handled everything with the city for us. We’ll use them again for sure.

Linda R.

Find Your Municipality

Each municipality has their own bi-laws. We serve the following municipalities. Click on logos to visit your municipality’s page.

City of Barrie

City of Barrie’s Backflow Prevention Program.

City of Orillia

City of Orillia’s Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Program.

Town of Penetanguishene

Town of Penetanguishene’s Backflow Prevention Program.

Town of Midland

Town of Midland’s Cross Connection and Backflow Control Program.

Ramara Township

Cross Connection Bylaw for the Township of Ramara.

City of Vaughan

Cross Connection Bylaw for the City of Vaughan

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